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Digital HIEs Direct Secure Messaging (often called Direct exchange, or Direct for short) utilizes the Direct Standard™, a technical standard for exchanging health information between health care entities (e.g. primary care physicians, specialists, hospitals, clinical labs) in a trusted network (A Trust frameworks help to improve interoperability between entities by defining a common set of operating rules)

Direct utilizes identity-proofing to ensure messages are only accessible to the intended recipient, per the protection regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In order to participate in the Promoting Interoperability.

A Public Health Use Case:


Key Terms:

HISP: A standard based, secure, point-to-point, web-based messaging system. It is intended for the exchange of patients’ health information between healthcare Providers, Labs and other Healthcare providers who regularly transmit and/or receive Protected Health Information/Personally Identifiable Information (PHI/PII).

Certificate Authority: An authority trusted by the IHS Health Information Service Provider (HISP) for issuance and management of certificates.

Registration Authority: An authority trusted by the Digital HIE HISP that works in collaboration with the Digital HIEs trusted CA to collect and verify information of the certificate subjects such as Digital HIEs DIRECT Administrators and will evaluate to either approve or reject subscriber certificate management transactions, including certificate renewal, re-key, and revocation requests.

Domain Name: A fully qualified domain name that identified the organization that assigns the health endpoint names and is dedicated solely to the purpose of health information exchange. Example: direct.digitalhie.com.


Data is secured by nature of transfer and also the Amazon Government Cloud infrastructure if FEDRAMP certified.

Data volume is highly scalable due to its deployment architecture utilizing Amazon Kubernetes Cluster and Auto scaling functionality enables the product to handle high volume of messages.

Digital HIE HISP is Accredited by EHNAC (Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission).

Digital HIE is a HIPAA compliant organization and certified by Direct Trust’s Privacy and Security compliance.

Digital HIE is a CMMC (Cybersecurity  Maturity Model Certification) Level 1 certified organization.

Digital HIE is an ISO 27001 (Information Security, cybersecurity and privacy protection) certified organization.

Interested in HISP reach us: info@digitalhie.com


Digital HIE HISP is Accredited by EHNAC / DirectTrust and also Privacy and Security Accredited Organizations