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Title: Digital HIE Inc. contributes to $1.7 Billion CDC Data Modernization Accelerator (DMAC) Award Led by Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH)


Digital HIE Inc. is excited to announce our involvement in the recent $1.7 billion contract awarded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the Data Modernization Accelerator (DMAC) initiative. Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) is the prime awardee, leading a consortium of innovative companies to enhance data modernization efforts at the CDC.

Contract Overview:

The CDC has entrusted Booz Allen Hamilton with spearheading the Data Modernization Accelerator initiative, a transformative project aimed at advancing data capabilities critical for public health initiatives. This $1.7 billion contract reflects the CDC’s commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technologies and expertise to strengthen its data infrastructure.

Key Partnerships:

  • Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH): As the prime awardee, BAH will play a pivotal role in orchestrating and implementing the Data Modernization Accelerator initiative.
  • AFS (Accenture Federal Services): Serving as a subcontractor, Accenture Federal Services brings its extensive experience and expertise to complement the project’s goals, contributing to the overall success of the initiative.
  • MCS (Microsoft Consulting Services): Microsoft Consulting Services, another valued subcontractor, will leverage its technological prowess to enhance data modernization efforts, ensuring the CDC’s systems are at the forefront of innovation.
  • DHIE (Digital HIE Inc.): Digital HIE Inc. joins as a subcontractor, bringing specialized knowledge in Data Integration and Cloud Modernization to contribute to the initiative’s success.

Our Role:

Digital HIE Inc. is proud to be a key contributor to this transformative initiative. As a valued partner, we will leverage our Microsoft Azure expertise to support Booz Allen Hamilton and the consortium in achieving the objectives of the Data Modernization Accelerator.

This collaboration underscores our commitment to advancing public health through innovative solutions and reinforces our position as a trusted partner in large-scale data modernization efforts.

We look forward to the opportunities and challenges this project presents, as we collectively work towards enhancing the CDC’s data capabilities for the greater good of public health.

For more information about the CDC’s Data Modernization Accelerator initiative,

please visit

https://www.usaspending.gov/award/CONT_AWD_47QFCA23F0058_4732_47QTCK18D0004_4732 .