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APIs play a vital role in healthcare IT communication since it permits data interchange among patients and healthcare providers. Before API came into the picture, it was difficult for healthcare contributors to engage patients and retrieve information.

healthcare companies provide essential information to patients and make the medical applications stronger to engage and connect with patients through mobile and social apps. With the help of various techniques, it makes it easy to interact with specialists and patients to get up-to-date patient information. Healthcare APIs can bring collective information to generate reports and support the developers to integrate their apps with individual devices.

Classification of API in Healthcare:

In the healthcare domain, we can utilize the API in different ways such as Finance and Payment, Patient registration, Health tracking, Clinical, and IoT.

Registration API: The purpose of this API is to handle the registration functions involved with EHR systems. Authentication and Authorization is the prerequisite for these APIs since it provides an entry to all the upcoming activities related to consumer information.

Scheduling API: The user could use this API to schedule an appointment, send reminder alerts, check open consultation slots, and reschedule appointments. Scheduling is one of the most used functionalities in the healthcare sector and it can be integrated with various processes like billing, messaging, and notifications.

Financial API: This API helps to manage the payment transaction between various healthcare providers and respective parties. It can be further divided into Claim API and Billing API. Security is the most critical requirement for these APIs where authentication and authorization are needed.

Clinical API: This API helps to manage the clinical information exchange through EHR systems. It can be used to track the patient’s medical data, and treatment plan, and enables the physicians to make better decisions on a patient’s health.

Public Health API: This API can exchange reportable clinical data to the public and other related organizations. It can also be used to track public health in case of threats like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

IoT and Activity Tracker API: In recent years there has been aggressive development in wearable health and activity monitoring devices. It is one of the new aspects of personal health monitoring and it speeds up the innovation of patient-centric health applications.

Ancillary API: This API helps to manage the information related to systems such as pharmacies, nutrition, laboratory, telemedicine platforms, etc.